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Advanced e-waste recycling: AIT stands behind your security

An immense amount of information is circulating on the Internet every single day. No wonder it is impossible to control it. The same applies to the data that is stored on hard drives. When it comes to wiping those files, security issues often arise because it’s no longer enough to press a delete button. E-waste recycling is the only reasonable solution to minimize data breach risks and prevent identity theft. And AIT is here to provide you with this solution.


AIT is a US-based company specializing in next-level electronic disposal services. We take pride in having more than 20 years of experience helping businesses protect their assets by ensuring data security. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small startup, we are in a position to safeguard your sensitive files even when your equipment goes out of order.

As of now, our capabilities allow us to cover the following states:

  • New York (NY)

  • New Jersey (NJ)

  • Pennsylvania (PA)

  • Connecticut (CT)

  • Maryland (MD)

  • Virginia (VA)

Hard drive and computer recycling has never been easier than it is with AIT

It’s our mission to make the process of data destruction as simple as possible without compromising your security. Since we are up for not only on-site but also off-site procedures, the range of our services will impress you. We can recycle everything from computer equipment to telecommunication devices.

When it comes to electronic recycling with AIT, here’s what you can benefit from in the first place:

  • tape destruction

  • data erasure

  • hard drive shredding, crushing, and degaussing

If you choose our off-site data destruction, we will organize electronics pick-ups to save your time. And most importantly, we will do that without charging you sky-high prices.

Contact AIT to get a quote and ensure the highest level of data security

Remember, electronic waste and its disposal should be taken seriously. Don’t put your business at risk by entrusting confidential information to unreliable parties. Be sure to go for AIT’s electronic recycling services instead.

Want to schedule on-site data destruction at your office? Would you like to recover some of your IT assets? Then don’t hesitate to reach AIT’s team at your convenience. It’s up to you to email us at idw@ait-co.com or call 877-552-4826. To talk to our specialists face to face, you can also visit our electronic recycling NJ office at 13A Jules Lane, New Brunswick. We will be glad to meet you there!

Absolute Recycling

Full service electronic recycling done right. We provide a vast range of secure, and environmentally responsible electronic recycling solutions for your end-of-life assets. We don’t just help protect the planet – we also protect your reputation!


White-Glove E-Waste Recycling Services

Let us do all of the heavy lifting. We dispatch our rapid action deployment team to your location – kick back and relax while we physically pick up the equipment, package it, and securely transport it to our facility for electronic recycling.


Bin Rental

Electronic recycling at your leisure. We provide secure, collapsible containers – you fill them at your convenience, lock them, and have us pick them up when ready. Affiliate Company: www.TheEbin.com


Collection Events

Give back through electronic recycling programs. A great fundraising opportunity – whether it’s just your organization, or open to public participation.

Why Choose AIT

  • HIPAA Compliant

    We’re licensed and regulated by the State Department of Environmental Protection

    Better ROI

    We are a e-waste recycling company committed to getting you the highest return on your end-of-life electronics.

  • Green Disposal

    With a no-landfill policy, we safely recycle your electronic waste.

  • Secure Asset Management

    Our team personally ensures that your sensitive data is properly destroyed.


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