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Make Data Destruction A Priority

1. Erasing Data Doesn't Mean Data Is Gone - We ensure that devices containing critical information are properly destroyed in order to ensure your peace of mind.

2. Clearing Space - No more rooms full of old electronics in your office! With AIT, we offer comprehensive solutions for your business.

3.Hazardous Materials Recycled - By recycling your electronics with AIT, you are ensuring that hazardous materials will be carefully processed while also ensuring that your old electronics will not end up in a landfill.

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On-Site and Off-site Data Destruction

We understand that your data is sensitive. That's why we offer data destruction along with a Certificate of Destruction to ensure peace-of-mind for you and your company.

Electronic Recycling

AIT is your premiere electronic recycling service. With careful, white glove pickup service and office cleanouts, we provide the most efficient solution to cluttered offices and electronics that are no longer needed.

Certificate of Destruction

In addition to data destruction services, we also offer a Certificate of Destruction for everything that has been destroyed, serving as a reminder of your company's environmental friendliness and abidance to electronic recycling laws.

AIT offers onsite, mobile data destruction for your business, allowing you to feel 100% confident about the destruction of your data and the security of your business.

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